Potential Side Effects to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyA patient that is being subjected to this form of treatment will most likely have to lay on a table that is enclosed within a chamber where oxygen will be disseminated. As the oxygen is being added to the chamber it is gradually increased. The length of the treatment can vary greatly from as little as just a few minutes for as long as two hours. While the treatment in itself is not classed as painful there can be some discomfort with it such as some individuals experience a popping feeling in their ears or a little bit of ear pain.

Sometimes during the course of the treatment there are short breaks that are introduced to prevent the possibility of oxygen poisoning. Many individuals that have gone through the treatment report side effects afterwards such as feeling very tired and being lightheaded. In some cases there can be some potentially serious side effects. These can be those such as damage to the lungs or sinuses. Sometimes there can be a buildup of fluid or rupture that takes place in the middle ear. In some cases individuals will be subjected to changes in their vision where they become nearsighted.

Out of all of these side effects the most potentially serious would be oxygen poisoning which can cause a buildup of fluid in the lungs or the lungs to fail or even seizures. In most cases the side effects are usually minimal and don’t last any longer than two hours.

In some cases hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not recommended for individuals that have specific conditions. These can include certain types of lung conditions where the patient could be at risk for a collapsed lung. Individuals that have a cold or fever should not be subjected to to this type of therapy. Those that have had recent surgery done on their ear or have had any type of ear trauma should really avoid being subjected to oxygen therapy.