Treating Autism with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Treating AutismOne of the most devastating medical conditions that many families are faced with is having children suffering from autism. There have been studies that show that many of the children that suffer from this disease have a reduced blood flow to the brain which is clinically known as cerebral Hypoperfusion. Research has shown that as many as 86% of autistic children can be affected by it.

The problem is that not enough oxygen is available to support the brain cells so it can affect their speech and ability to focus. However, researchers are still unclear as to what actually causes this condition but there are some indicators that it may be an inflammation. What has been interesting as part of the research that has been done is that there is some correlation between gastro- intestinal tract inflammation and autism.

In attempts to give autistic children a better quality of life the treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been introduced. There are several reasons why this has been utilized as it is believed that it helps to remove the toxins from the body such as the heavy metals that can be found there. It has also been noted that it can help reduce the inflammation to those areas of the brain that are not getting the proper amount of oxygen that it needs. It also has the ability to build new brain capillaries. In addition to all of this, it can help to reduce the inflammation in the intestinal tract that is so commonly present in autistic children.

Many of the parents of autistic children that have been subject to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy have reported that the children seem to sleep better and they appear to be more affectionate and calm. Some have noticed that there’s been an improvement in the child’s focus and attention and they seem more aware of their surroundings and some are able to speak better.