Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Decompression Sickness

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Decompression SicknessDecompression sickness is something that most open water divers are very familiar with and do their best to avoid. This disease is sometimes called the bends or divers disease. What happens in this case is that divers are breathing compressed air while under water and while doing so they are absorbing nitrogen. This nitrogen stays in the fatty tissues and blood of the diver.

As the diver is proceeding to the surface the pressure that has been existing around the diver now decreases. As this happens the nitrogen starts to come out of the tissue and go back into their bloodstream. If this happens too quickly then bubbles begin to form not only in the bloodstream, but the tissue as well, and as a result decompression sickness appears.

In order to reverse this illness it must be done so quickly and the only solution is for the diver to receive 100% oxygen and the treatment form for this is to use a decompression chamber or what is otherwise known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy. What this therapy does is it immediately and drastically increases the pressure of the oxygen in the body tissues.

The oxygen therapy can be comprised of two forms of treatment for scuba divers with one being the decompression chamber and the re-compression chamber. Decompression chambers can be used at the site where the dive is taking place and these can be submersed in the water.

Being as this sickness can be a very serious one making sure that divers are treated quickly is a priority. While the hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been most beneficial and was originally designed for this type of sickness, it has now broadened out to where it is used in many other conditions.

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